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We all spend at least 70% of our life at work, this means approximately 80.000 hours! We all see our co-workers more than our family, friends, kids. So wouldn’t it be nice to work in a happy workplace?

A place where we can find trust – connection – friendly people – empathy – communication – joyful moments – authenticity and so much more. How would it be to work in a Happy environment where these elements exist?

Being in a "Blissfull" work environment is a choice you can make!

Being happy at work is an “emotional” state of being! It is just like being frustrated at work is also an emotional state of being. You have a choice.

With 30 years of Corporate experience in different industries, different sizes of organizations, local organization, global organization I have spend my past 11 years as a consultant in Blissful HR. Improving HR processes, Bringing joy within the organization, Creating connection & a feeling of belonging within the teams. To me it is all about helping organizations create a Happy work environment that benefits the People inside the organization, the Customers, the Shareholders, all Stakeholders and that is Sustainable.



Some call it consulting. My approach is "Inclusive", I whisper to your internal Ambassadors. Many benefits, such as the objectivity of an external eye, delegate the process flow, create results, create interaction. Achieve your Goal!


Playful workshops. through activity & play we create the right state in our brain & learn new habits, increase happiness in the workplace with all employees. Learning may be fun to, it is scientifically proven.


Talk or Keynote. Looking for a speaker, who can inspire your audience? Internal event, Leadership day, external event, you desire to bring something different that can show a different angle of Business, by sharing what Happiness at work can mean for your business & employees.

Belonging is what we need as humans.

Some clients I had the pleasure working with:

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