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We all spend at least 70% of our life at work, this means approximately 80.000 hours! We all see our co-workers more than our family, friends, kids. So wouldn’t it be nice to work in a happy workplace?

A place where we can find trust – connection – friendly people – empathy – communication – joyful moments – authenticity and so much more. How would it be to work in a Happy environment where these elements exist?

Being in a "Blissfull" work environment is a choice you can make!

Being happy at work is an “emotional” state of being! It is just like being frustrated at work is also an emotional state of being. You have a choice.

With 30 years of Corporate experience in different industries, different sizes of organizations, local organization, global organization I have spend my past 11 years as a consultant in Blissful HR. Improving HR processes, Bringing joy within the organization, Creating connection & a feeling of belonging within the teams. To me it is all about helping organizations create a Happy work environment that benefits the People inside the organization, the Customers, the Shareholders, all Stakeholders and that is Sustainable.


Keynote / Talk

Start by creating awareness through inspiring keynotes & presentations, scientific facts and information on the impact that Happiness has in the workplace. This is the first step for an organization/team/individuals to understand the correlation between their performance and happiness. This will enhance the team’s common understanding. Keynote duration: 30- 90 minutes Prices on Request

Play / Workshops

Engage with the organization/teams/individuals. Tailored & structured workshops that will improve the communication within teams, create an understanding of employees personal satisfaction needs at work on a daily basis. Creating a journey to engage teams to reflect deeper on the positive aspects and possible improvements in the workplace. This is where you create your Happiness at work and see it come to Life.
Workshop duration: minimum 1 full day
Prices on request

Whispering / Consulting

Follow up with the Management, teams, groups to put into action the lessons learned. Action plan defined Timeline with output Communication plan Practical support in implementing and keeping “Happiness at work” sustainable in your organization. Duration: upon agreement (inhouse & online)
Prices on Request

Lunch/Breakfast & Learn Workshop

Get inspired and understand the Key factors that help you create happy employees. Employees, Teams will gain basic understanding and some tools to start creating a difference in the workplace.
Duration: 45-60 minutes during lunch/breakfast time
Ideal for Management/teams/employees of all levels.

Leading with Happiness Workshop

For Managers, leaders who manage people in the organization, HR professionals.
Key understanding on what is the science behind Happiness at work, how it can benefit each individual and the organization.
• What is the ROI on Happiness at work.
• How can happiness have a positive impact on the performance & retention in your organization.
Contact for program.
1 full day minimum.
Inhouse & out

Creating Happiness in My Workplace

For employees all levels that want to understand what is the science behind happiness at work.
How can you become an ambassador of Happiness at work in your organization. Tools & studies from Positive psychology.
1 full day
Inhouse & out.

Belonging is what we need as humans.

Some clients I had the pleasure working with:

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