All learning is connected to the "Emotional" state you are in.

-Jim Kwik

In person & Online training. Learning is part of the possibility to grow on a personal & professional level.

What is Happiness at Work?
What does it mean?
Why is it necessary?

5 steps to create happiness at work & a CHO role in your organization.

The impact of Leaders, what's in it for you dear Leader?
(middle & senior leadership)

Creating the role of CHO in your workplace, Yes I have my dream Job!

"Be ready to open your minds like a parachute"

The best way to learn is while moving, creating interaction. I’ve been giving workshops/training for the past 15 years in different industries and about different skills. Every training/workshop is different, because the people are different so it is always new and a great learning curve for me. 


Through play we set our brain & emotional state ready for full integration of our learning process.

Ready to be Blissfull @ Work?