My grandparents on my mothers side. My grand-mother raised me, by giving and learning me “Unconditional Love”.

I am proud to have African & European roots, this has served me well in being open to others, seek to understand.

My value is LOVE it covers all.

I Love life, Animals, Humans the planet. I sense the pain before the awareness comes.

Born to be a Catalyst

As employee I worked in FMCG – Semi Public Organization – Food industry. Always in a Management position, leading a team, creating great results.  I have the natural ability to create Psychological Safety, this creates connection & belonging. In 2008 I made the jump to Entrepreneurship. As a single parent, I had a little fear.

In 2008 i started with Balanceboost a consulting firm in HR. Experienced in Hard HR & Soft HR. My passion is to leverage the HR service, disrupt the Old way and create the Added value for Employees, Leaders, Business.

Since 2012 I’ve been involved in Transformation & Change projects. Efficiency – Effectiveness – Engagement as Key Focus.

 People well-being through creating Connection & Belonging over the organisation is my drive.

Annick About Me

              AgilePeople Facilitator 

ICAgile certified Instructor.

We bring the Agile Principles & Tools to a better understanding to create the Future of Work.

We focus on HR & Leaders.

Delivering In person & Online training is my purpose to open the minds on all the hidden opportunities.


Proud & Happy partner of Heartcount!

Heartcount the tool that helps you Create & Sustain Happiness@Work.

Curious? Contact me for a free demo.

Certified Chief Happiness Officer at Woohooinc.

Happiness@Work is the focus for the future of employees to create Engagement & Sustainability for employees & organisations.