Born to bring Happiness into lives.

As employee I worked in FMCG – Semi Public Organization – Food industry. Always in a Management position, leading a team, creating great results. I always had a great relationship with my team members, seeing them happy was my focus, this is when I got the best out of them, great initiatives, creativity, empowerment, collaboration. In 2008 I made the jump to Entrepreneurship.

In 2008 i started with Balanceboost a consulting firm in HR. Helping HR departments with general HR, Talent acquisition, improving HR Processes. I have grown into developing & delivering trainings and development paths for individuals & organizations. Since 2012 I’ve been involved with Transformation processes after Merging & acquisitions, efficiency in production environments.  As my focus is always  to bring happiness within every context, project, it was time for me to now focus on the Power of Happiness. 

In 2017 I followed my first Chief Happiness officer training at the HappinessBureau in the Netherlands. In 2019 i got my certification at the WooHooinc academy in San Diego. Today I am a proud and “happy” Partner of Woohooinc, a company created by Alexander Kjerljuff

Annick About Me

First Certified Woohooinc Chief Happiness Officer in Belgium.

Happy partner of Woohooinc.

Continuous learning is a passion of mine, connecting with whole hearted entrepreneurs.


Proud & Happy partner of Heartcount!

Heartcount the tool that helps you Create & Sustain Happiness@Work.

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Agile principles is a way of Being.