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Hot Topic Or Not topic?

I just want to share what I’ve been experiencing the past few years, and how I see it evolving.

As my purpose on this earth is to help People to become their great version, I share my observation with the only intention for us all to learn, grow and become better.


1. Bad Manager/Leaders: What does it look/feel like?

  • What do I understand with bad, it is a behavior, communication, attitude, that causes pain to others, directly or indirectly
  • Type of manager that is only focused on itself, own goals & targets, pushing others just to get their own goals with success.
  • Are people who do not go into a dialogue, you can feel the urge of “always” being right no matter the topic.
  • Are often people who have little to no “empathy”. But can be great at faking it.

How is this possible has been a great question for me? How can they not SEE/FEEL what they are doing to other’s?

Bam I got it, it is a lack of Self-Awareness

Self-Awareness definition found online

Conscious knowledge of one’s own character and feelings.

Being aware of SELF!

2. Why are they Bad?

Well I believe, and that is something that I need to believe is that they are not “bad” by intention!
As the definition or labelling of being a bad managers comes through the impact it has on people and in most cases it affects a number of people. It can be people in the whole organization feeling the same “vibe”, it can be in just 1 business unit/department.

My observation about the Why is:

  • Lack of self-esteem
  • Lack of self-confidence
  • Fear of not meeting expectations
  •  Lack of empathy
  • Ego- Ego- Ego

3. What proportion does it take:

Due to a lack of Self-Awareness, not being aware of their own feelings, they will not be aware of the feelings of others. It can be a blind spot, or just something they have conditioned themselves to be/become.

Affect it can have on employees:

  • Demotivating people
  • Growing fear to communicate – to take initiatives
  • Make people lose their self-confidence
  • People can lose their self-esteem
  • People go into fear and Freeze
  • People get frustrated
  • Culture of gossip
  • Toxic environment

Results are that people get sick – stay home – get in a negative spiral – get burn out – get depressed – affects their whole family (partner & kids).

From all I see I need to speak up because it causes a lot of pain to people!
Organizations need people to make their numbers!

Pay attention to your Culture – Leaders who are also people not better or worse than all employees.

Look around, you will see organizations that do a great job, I know now that those leaders are Self-Aware, empathic what makes them aware of others around them. If you want to be a leader in the future, meaning NOW it is time to crack your Ego and go to your human essence being a community driven being.


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