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How to start with it?

Happiness is
a feeling!


As humans we seek Happiness. For each individual Happiness comes in a different form. In life there are events that makes us happy, falling in love, buying a new car, having children, seeing a beautiful sunset.

We spend an average of 70% of our time at work, in the office or remote, with clients, with co-workers. We need to look at our degree of happiness@work to assure our mental & physical health on the long run.

Happiness@work is what gives individuals the desire to deliver great work,  creates engagement and secures sustainable organisation.

Happiness is a Feeling, it comes from the heart & your gut.

Satisfaction is the result after reflecting on a situation.


Pause and look in your team/organization. How are people feeling? Do you Ask them?
There is "Data" everywhere.


Now you see, engage, have meaningful conversations. Start to ask how you can create a happy and psychological safe workplace.


Now you can take a first step towards improvement. Creating an open "mindset" culture that results in a sense of belonging.
Together is Better.


Let’s have a call. You don’t need to do this alone.

When your car has a problem, you go to a garage.

When you have health issues, you go to the doctor.

Happy Clients of Blissfull @ Work

The impact of Leaders! Watch the interview during the Happiness at work summit in Warsaw.

Being in a "Blissfull" work environment is a choice you can make!